Tassel Tablecloth Rectangular


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100 x 140 cm140 x 140 cm140 x 160 cm140 x 180 cm140 x 200 cm140 x 220 cm140 x 250 cm45 x 45 cm (Pillowcase )60 x 60 cm90 x 90 cm


Table cloths are made of high-quality polyester faux linen yarn, with a 2-tone texture.

It is more durable than real linen yet soft and supple, while protecting table surface, our tablecloth also adds a sense of understated luxury to your dining scene.

Our faux table cloths are much easier to care for if compared with a pure tablecloth, it can be machine washable and tumble dry.

With classic texture, it also has a better wrinkle-resistant and anti-shrink effect than other materials.

The perfect look for a variety of happy occasions use suitable for your dining room, kitchen, cafes, diners, etc.


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