Light Lace Tablecloth


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100 x 150 cm (Rectangle)110 x 110 cm (Square)130 x 130 cm (Square)130 x 180 cm (Rectangle)150 x 150 cm (Square)150 x 220 cm (Rectangle)180 cm (Round)220 cm (Round)60 x 60 cm (Square)85 x 85 cm (Square)


100% treated polyester

Machine washable, no shrinking, no colour ran, no-wrinkle

Elegant embroidery on high-quality fabric, together with heavyweight macrame lace border.

Make up your table for any occasion with this beautiful artwork, It will bring a new lifestyle to your dining area.

This rectangle tablecloth is perfect for everyday use, party, holidays, catering, cafes, special occasions, dinners, brunches, indoor and outdoor use, weddings and more.


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