Glasses Stainless Steel


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180 ml (2 Pcs)240 ml (2 Pcs)350 ml (2 Pcs)550 ml (2 Pcs)


Made from stainless steel with a brushed copper finish, 100% shatterproof, keeps drinks chilled for longer than standard glass. Designed with a long stem and sleek satin finish, won’t break, and highly resistant to tarnishing. A fabulous trend-led alternative to regular wine glasses.

Exquisite reinforcement ring makes the copper glass strong and smooth which lets you drink in comfort, unlike the sharp edges found on other glasses. The ring is polished to perfection and gives additional charm and elegance to the goblet.

These Stainless steel wine glasses have stunning copper finishes, Ideal for relaxing at home, camping, barbecue, picnic or party, Simple and beautiful design, add a touch of modern elegance to any occasion.

Stainless steel wine glasses are extremely durable and shatterproof.


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