Double Wall Stainless Steel Mug


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210 ml (8 x 7)210 ml (9.3 x 7)260 ml (10.3 x 7.5)260 ml (9 x 7.5)400 ml (10.5 x 8)400 ml (10.8 x 8)
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The smooth, easy to grip stainless steel handle is perimeter welded onto the cup for extra strength instead of being epoxied, screwed or dab welded like similar mugs, it will not break off during drinking or while it is being washed like flat handles.

Drink your favorite coffee or tea from our shatterproof, yet lightweight stainless steel mug.

Sip and savor your hot or cold drink longer courtesy of our cup’s double-wall construction, it maintains your beverage’s temperature and also prevents condensation.

They are ideal for enjoying your daily brew or tea time at home or the office, the travel-friendly cup is also perfect as a camping mug.


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