Cotton Tablecloth


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100 x 100 cm100 x 160 cm110 x 110 cm110 x 170 cm120 x 120 cm120 x 220 cm130 x 130 cm130 x 200 cm140 x 140 cm140 x 180 cm140 x 240 cm140 x 300 cm60 x 60 cm90 x 180 cm90 x 90 cm90 x 90 cm


Cotton linen tablecloth is dyeing with new technology and high-quality dyes, good fixing effect, not easy to fade after a long time of using and washing.

The tablecloth is suitable for indoor and outdoor.

Hand washing can better maintain and lengthen the life of the square tablecloth on account of cotton and linen texture.

Can also put the tablecloth into the laundry bag and wash it with the gentle gear of the washing machine to avoid strong throwing; Dryer drying or lay flat to dry.

Tablecloths can be easily ironed to make the table cloth more smooth and compliant if necessary.


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